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Demetris Neyland


As an accomplished Doctor of Jurisprudence, I, Demetris Neyland, am passionately committed to advocating for the rights of all individuals. With my deep-rooted desire to serve, I bring a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to each client interaction. Skilled in communication and problem-solving, I excel at building relationships and ensuring that justice is upheld in every situation.


Beyond my legal expertise, my warm and friendly demeanor helps to bring a positive and enjoyable experience to all my client interactions. I understand that life can be challenging at times and aim to lighten those around me with my Southern charm. With me, you are guaranteed exceptional legal support and an uplifting presence.


Drawing from my program management background, I possess a unique skill set that allows me to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. By combining that expertise with my legal knowledge, I am uniquely equipped to help clients navigate complex family legal matters with ease and confidence.

My Story

Demetris Neyland is a proud native of Mississippi, where her journey began. Her thirst for knowledge led her to Jackson State University, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications, specializing in Public Relations, with a minor in Political Science. Throughout her college years, Demetris actively contributed to various university offices and proudly became a member of the illustrious Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.


Upon graduation, Demetris assumed the role of a Program Manager at the Mississippi State Housing Finance Agency. Here, she aided residents in achieving homeownership, provided foreclosure prevention assistance, and supported rental assistance initiatives.


Her passion for the law then led her to relocate to North Carolina, where she earned her Juris Doctorate degree from North Carolina Central University. She also obtained a certification in Alternative Dispute Resolution, specializing in Mediation, Negotiation, and Arbitration. With her legal expertise, Demetris excelled as a Researcher and Writer for a jury, psycho-social behavioral research company, and as a Document Review Analyst for two top Global eDiscovery and Managed Review companies.


Outside of work, Demetris is a committed volunteer at Summit Church and loves spending quality time with her partner, their two young adult children, and their beloved American Bully, Gee. Dancing is one of her favorite pastimes, so count her in if it involves having a good time, learning something new, or simply relaxing.


Now, Demetris is excited to bring her wealth of experience, legal acumen, and dedication to Piedmont Eastern Litigation. With her unique combination of skills, she is fully prepared to assist clients in successfully navigating intricate family legal matters.

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